Endless Science and Wonder Abound in Las Colinas

Whether you’re sitting in a chair reading this blog, you’re laying back in comfort at our luxury apartments at The Cayman Las Colinas, or you’re crunching down on assignments and sandwiches in the office, science is happening. Your own body is going through thousands of processes to keep you content, electricity allows you to have your daily dose of videos on your smartphone and laptop, and we are all just a tiny speck in an infinite universe. There’s so much knowledge and experience to be had in the realm of science, and thankfully there’s one place in Dallas that puts a large wealth of science in one building.

The Perot Museum is Dallas’ exclusive museum dedicated to science and nature, and it’s one of the highest rated Dallas museums on TripAdvisor. The museum is only ten miles away from our Las Colinas luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive to their parking in under twenty minutes, or – if you want to save on gas and parking – you can take the Orange DART rail through DFW in under an hour. Explore eleven permanent halls and hundreds of interactive exhibits designed to delve you into the grand realm of science, from the personal Being Human Hall where we venture into our own bodies to the Expanding Universe Hall where the entire realm of space feels within your fingertips. Best of all, special exhibits and attractions cycle throughout the year, such as The Art of the Brick LEGO exhibit, so there’s always something new to see and discover.

Go on a science learning adventure you can never forget here at The Cayman Las Colinas. Come see our luxury apartments in Las Colinas and make a trip to the Perot Museum for a breathtaking journey.

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